So. Much. Gratitude.

So. Much. Gratitude.

September 13, 2018

Summer seemed to go by in record time and Fall is upon us, which means SAC OPEN STUDIOS IS IN TWO DAYS. I’m a little excited. Also, working like mad to get ready for this weekend’s activities. But mostly, I’m feeling incredibly grateful for all that’s happened in my little art world these last few weeks:

  1. Picking up yard signs because I’m a participating artist in Sac Open Studios. It’s my first year being part of the tour, thanks to the little extra encouragement I got from a dear friend who sent me the link and then said ‘DO IT!’ when I replied back that I’d been thinking about it for the last few years. Thank you, Monica!
  2. A trip to the Midwest to visit friends and family (okay, that’s not art related, but I’m so grateful for the time with family, the BIG, fluffy clouds, and all the driving through corn fields in Gina’s uncle’s Camaro.)
  3. A few months of prep work for Sac Open Studios, thanks to Kate Farrall's class on how to open up your studio.
  4. Being featured in a half page article in Inside East Sacramento about the community art event I’m hosting in, in just two short days.
  5. Getting invited by the manager of University Art to participate in the window display of artwork he’s curating of Sac Open Studios artists. Their window displays feature different art each month and are always so striking as the art work faces the street and is suspended in air. I love driving by at night as the lighting makes the artwork glow. Such an honor to have been one of the artists selected for this month’s display.
  6. The Sac Open Studios launch party at Verge, just last week, where I got to see my work hung on the wall with the work of the nearly 250 amazing artists participating in this year’s tour. (Check out the show if you’re local – it’s up through September 30!)
  7. Friends and family, who have shown their support by signing up to be my open studio squad of volunteers. And my wife, Gina, who’s been a dedicated volunteer for my open studio event ever since we created our four-page list back in May.
  8. Visiting artist’s in their studios at Verge and WAL on Weekend 1 of Open Studios. It was refreshing and inspiring to see so many artists doing their own creative thing, making themselves vulnerable, inviting the world to come into their studio to see their art, and maybe even buy a piece or two. I love the print I bought from Sandy Hernandez and know I will treasure it for years.
  9. The community art event happens THIS weekend. Seriously, I am so excited for this event. The canvas is sketched and paint is ready to apply. All it needs is each and every one of you!
  10. I have the sweetest friends who are breeder caretakers for Canine Companions for Independence. And in August, I got the chance to be in a futon COMPLETELY covered by five or six labrador puppies and Willow, a Great Dane who stole my heart for the night.
  11. It’s going to be beautiful weather this weekend, with the smell of Fall in the air. I’ll be sure to post pictures for those that are interested but can’t make it. And for those that can make it, see you there!


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