hi, i'm nikki...

The love affair with animals and art began when I was just a puppy. The cat was in the cradle and the dog was my guard. The crayons were in a bucket. My best memories from when I was six involved legos, coloring books, and my three cats, Ansel, Houdini, and Sherlock. Having been a maker of art for as long as I can remember, no birthday or holiday went by without a handmade card from yours truly.

When I was fifteen, I drew a portrait of my grandma’s cat, Ming Tu, as a gift for her turning sixty-five. Then, when I was twenty, after just completing my first painting class at Mount Holyoke College, I painted two of the family dogs, Player and Chase, as a Christmas gift while home on winter break. The passion I experienced while painting Player and Chase peaked my interest in art and I declared my major the first day back from break. I graduated with a degree in Studio Art in 2001.

Shortly after graduation, while living in Portland, Oregon, I painted another of the family dogs, Garbo. But Garbo wasn’t just another dog, Garbo was truly the best. After she passed, her portrait and the joy it brought my family to be greeted day and night, by their sweet and soulful Garbo, made it clear what I must do –paint animals! I officially quit my day job and launched Pet PawTraits in 2004, and have been capturing the expressions, hearts, and souls of our animal friends ever since.

Currently, I am working on a new series of paintings inspired by my travels, nationally and abroad. I live in Sacramento, California with the love of my life, and our two dogs, Peter Von Pooper Pants and Radar Love Bug.

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