Nikki Solone Art

Soulful. vibrant. Authentic fine art.


Hi, I'm Nikki.

An artist, aspiring writer, and animal lover with an unshakeable heart for life, love, travel, and human kindness.



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Meet Bailey

If you were to ask me who my alter ego would be, I would tell you that based on looks and personality, Phyllis Diller. My hair is out. of. control. I like to think it helps dissipate my abundant energy and fierce attitude. Plus, it gives me a bit of that edge factor. Keeps people on their toes. I'm not sure what it is about us curly-haired bitches. We've got so much pizazz. Well. Let me introduce myself. My name is Bailey. I am a miniature Maltese, mixed in with Chihuahua, and then mixed again with Poodle. I started out small. And, in size, small I remain. But in personality. Let me tell you, it's big . . .



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What People Say

"Nikki is the kind of artist that feels her subjects...senses who they are, how they are. She never met Coley but must have been able to read his eyes, the way he carried himself and, most importantly, the way he loved and was loved in return.

- Ann