Mac, a tiger

Mac, a tiger

February 27, 2020

"Mac, a tiger, came from Wild Animal Orphanage in Texas. Due to previous corrupt management, the facility could no longer afford to care for the animals and had to close down. There were over 400 animals that needed to find new homes. Mac and Shirley, his sister, were two of over 70 big cats that needed placement. With 55 tigers alone that needed sanctuary, we knew that we had to help.

Mac and Shirley arrived at at WildCat Haven on October 10, 2010. Mac came to us with a sore on his side that had gone untreated for several months. He underwent  surgery to remove it, and the biopsy came back, Fibrosarcoma. We were devastated but  decided to  do all we could to give Mac the best chance at survival. We had a second surgery done in Los Angeles and the results came back much more favorable. We are hoping that Mac will be a cancer survivor!

Mac and Shirley share a huge enclosure complete with perches, logs, trees, and lots of space to run and play! We are thrilled to be able to give these two tigers a true lifetime home." -Courtesy of"

Nikki created Mac to be part of the live auction at Wildcat Haven's Big Cat Bash. 100% of the proceeds was donated to Wildcat Haven.

Canvas giclées of Mac's painting are available.
10% of proceeds is donated to Wildcat Haven.

Mac, 30x30" Oil On Canvas