Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

July 30, 2018

Beautiful things happen when life gets in the way. Like my book of portraits and their stories. And incredible adventures in Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Iceland. Adding a portable easel to my collection of studio equipment – so I can take this show on the road and paint plein air style. And then, actually taking my easel and paints as carry-on while traveling state-to-state and then internationally, to Cuba, where I spent afternoons sitting on the hot cement of the Malecón in Havana, capturing (in paint) images of the setting sun, incredible architecture, and vibrant street life. And now – a new website that includes an online shop of my work.

Part of the work I’ve done over the last two years involved reflection and curiosity about the direction I was heading with my art. While I absolutely love painting portraits of dogs and cats, they have been my primary focus for nearly fifteen years. I am ready to paint more. So after much thought, I made the switch from Pet PawTraits to Nikki Solone Art, to include my creative interests that extend beyond my animal portraits. Don't get me wrong, there were serious pains of grief when I made the name change and redirected my websites of petpawtraits.com and nikkisolone.com, to the new one. And then again, on Facebook, for the switch from “Pet PawTraits by nikki solone” to “Nikki Solone Art". But – sometimes change is good. And this one is an expansion for more, as I will never stop painting or being inspired by animals. Constant is their inspiration and lessons taught of love and kindness. And forever will my love for painting them, run deep. Pet PawTraits will always be near and dear to my heart and I will always remain grateful for the many pawtraits of love and companionship I've had the opportunity to create through the years.

I know if my Grandma were still alive, she would be overjoyed at my new website. I can almost hear her say, “why don’t you offer a grand opening special for your online shop – to all the people who've encouraged and supported you over the years?!” And, so today, in honor of my Grandma, Florence Solone, on what would have been her 89th birthday, I am offering 30% off paper and canvas prints for the rest of the week (July 30 - August 5).

Happy Birthday, Grandma!!

p.s. This picture was taken on one of the best days ever – my wedding day. Here's my grandma, who, after four months of being in and out of the hospital for surgeries, transfusions, and numerous doctor visits, was (in her words) "all pumped up"... for she made sure she received a blood transfusion the day before the wedding, just so she could be there and feel as best she could. My grandma was a trooper and is forever in my heart. ❤️

Use code FLORENCE at checkout to receive 30% off paper and canvas prints.

Photo by Lauren Snead (lifelong friend and officiant at our wedding).