What People Say

"Nikki Solone has managed to do something that goes way beyond a picture or even a memory: she captured the absolute essence, integrity and beauty of my beloved Black Lab, Coley O'Brien. I first became aware of Nikki's extraordinary skills when my primary vet commissioned her to paint some portraits of some of the clinics 'most valuable clients'...Coley was one of the lucky ones. I provided a basic black and white photo of my Coley and the end result staggered my senses. There he was, his look and presence captured in a way unimaginable. I didn't know what to expect and Nikki's magic brought me to tears. I was, simply put, in awe of how she was able to portray his spirit and courage from an old photo.

But it gets better.

My Coley lost his battle with cancer about 2 months after Nikki's portrait was unveiled and I would often drive to my vet clinic just to see Coley's portrait hanging on the hospital wall. My partner felt my grief and despair and had the answer: could Nikki provide a separate portrait? One that could hang in our house forever? Nikki came through again and I was given this incredible likeness of Coley on my birthday---the best gift ever.

Nikki is the kind of artist that feels her subjects...senses who they are, how they are. She never met Coley but must have been able to read his eyes, the way he carried himself and, most importantly, the way he loved and was loved in return. She captured everything that was Coley. I will cherish her timeless gift and forever appreciate her unique talents and compassion.

Coley is gone but thanks to Nikki's work he and I exchange glances, conversation and our own special understanding every day."
- Ann

"To call Nikki Solone talented is an understatement. There is magic in her work. From the moment you begin working with her, answering questions about your pet, sharing photographs, letting her in on that unique love you carry, you can tell she gets it. Nikki captured the soul of my dog: that deep, warm, beloved treasure i thought only i could see. Friends who see the painting reach out to it --- raising a hand to stroke the dog they know is just oil on canvas, but feel is real. Thanks to Nikki, i will have Lion with me always in a way i never thought possible."
- Reed

"Hi Nikki. Can’t express how happy we are with Boris’ portrait. Most impressed with his big sweet eyes. They’re perfect and so real. We decided to hang him in the entry. The light there is best and really shows his coloring which you captured so beautifully. I also love how he is off-center in the painting. He’s the last thing we see when we leave the house and the first when we get home. Just like when he was alive. This portrait will always be our favorite piece of art."
- Scott & Kathy

“Nikki was a joy to work with. She was able to capture each of our pets’ individual personalities through their eyes and expressions even though she worked with snap shots that were over 15 years old on some of them. She is an amazing talent and everyone who has a pet and has seen our portraits has asked for her business card. The photographs of her work under represent the quality, color and texture of the pieces. They have added warmth and personality to our home that we will treasure forever. Thank you so much."

- Rodger and Shänna
"My wife Brenda commissioned you to paint the portrait of my dearly missed Doberman Pinscher Apollo, as a surprise for me. I can't tell you how surprised I was when I saw the large portrait of Apollo propped up in the wing back chair that he always used to curl up in. The picture you painted of him uncannily captured his personality. He was one of those dogs where you'd look in their eyes and at once know that the lights are on and someone's home. I'd swear he was always contemplating what he could get away with and how he could shift the blame to the Black Lab, cat or rabbit. So, he was a thinking dog, who knew when to be watchful, when to be goofy, and when to turn into the Hound of the Baskervilles to protect his family. And I feel you captured the essence of that thinking dog. I will always treasure this portrait, just as I will always treasure my memories of Apollo. Thank you." 
- David
"Nikki has given me an utterly wonderful portrait of my dog. She worked from a photograph in which his colors were badly altered by fluorescent light and the background was worse than blah. She "got" Merit in every way, nonetheless, because she took the time: to meet him, to see my house, to talk to me about how she'd use color in the painting, to get the shape of his nose and the shape of his toes and his true colors, and to see how nuts I am about him. She is absolutely pleasant company and a professional--she follows up to see that the painting gets its proper care, and we look forward to those contacts with her. Merit is nearly 14, and her portrait of him is so much more than the "splurge" I thought at first: a treasure!"
- Connie
 "Thank you, Nikki! Our beautiful babies have been captured if by magic in your paintings. Every single person who comes in our home stops in their tracks and compliments the portraits. Our living room has been brought to life with the beautiful colors you used. Every time we look at the paintings, we see our precious Melanie and Victoria and know we will love them forever. Thank you!"
- Dan and Jennifer

"Last year we lost our beloved dog, Bailey. We were heartbroken and wanted to memorialize him. We decided we wanted to have a portrait of Bailey. I searched the web and found Nikki. She was wonderful to work with. She helped guide us along the way. Nikki was patient and really cared about making the "paw-trait" perfect for us. She is truly a very special person. We love our paw-trait!"
- Barbara